Urban Migration and Social Exclusion: Study from Indore Slums and Informal Settlements

To build on our quest to reach out the most vulnerable, Urban Health Resource Centre (UHRC) continues to conduct research studies on urban migrants many residing on the fringes of the city. The effort is also directed in improving our programming to include the most vulnerable. Our first study was conducted in 2015-16 with urban migrants of Indore with partial support from UK-Aid and technical support from International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED), United Kingdom. Through surveys and FGDs, the research examined different forms of exclusion and deprivation experienced by new migrants, temporary/seasonal migrants, and older settlers in Indore. It was found that temporary and recent migrants face significant challenges accessing housing and basic services, but that many older settlers had improved their situations gradually.

This has been followed by a research study with different forms of urban migrants such as brick-kiln workers, construction site workers and recently arrived migrants.

Research Products:

1) REPORT: Urban Migration and Social Exclusion: Study from Indore Slums and Informal Settlements. (2016) by Siddharth Agarwal. Available here

2) CONFERENCE ABSTRACT: Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness (BPACR) among brick kiln workers in Indore, India (2021) by Siddharth Agarwal, Shabnam Verma, Neeraj Verma, Kanupriya Kothiwal, Neha Mandloi. European Journal of Urban Health. Available here.