Demonstration and learning

These demonstration programs seek to evolve and improve different strategies of empowering urban poor women, children, youth and communities. The demonstrations are also key in improving health and nutrition of the vulnerable segments of our population and to facilitate their access to services and entitlements.  

These programs serve as learning sites for implementers, program managers from governmental and non-governmental agencies, policy influencers, researchers, students, and academicians. They are continuously built upon and improved through lessons and feedback from communities and other stakeholders. This unique core of UHRC’s programme implementation has contributed to the flexible evolution of this approach with self-reliance and sustainability as the foundational premises.  

UHRC’s work is a de-projectised model where need based programs for slum communities which are not guided by timebound short-term projects -these are deprojectised programs which evolve with time, The purpose of these programs is to provide active and dynamic learning sites for UHRC team, other Govt-non-Govt agencies, academic researchers and development professionals. Presently these programs are active in Indore and Agra covering approximately 4.50,000 basti population.  

Student interns visit UHRC program sites to learn solutions addressing poverty