Savings & Loans

  1. UHRC stimulates and encourages a community group-based savings and loan system which also contributes to enhanced self-reliance of the group and the community. Realizing the importance of ready source of money, slum women save in collective pools of fund.  
  1. A group generally has 10 to 12 women as members. UHRC’s social facilitators provide them training of bookkeeping and maintaining accounts registers and individual passbooks.  Passbook of each group member records her contribution, loan, repayment of loan, outstanding loan.  
  1. The rules regulations and all financial transactions are documented at group level. They are printed/photo-copied and pasted the group’s register. A general set of rules are also printed on the back-cover of passbook.  
  1.  The community revolving fund (as it is referred to in the National Urban Health Mission) is utilised for loans to serve medical expenses, preventing school drop-out, house improvement (e.g. constructing low-cost toilet), repaying money-lender debts and other needs of slum families.  
Slum women are encouraged to collectively save to meet their needs​