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Fact Sheet: Nutrition and Health of Urban Poor Children in INDIA: Key findings from the Third
 National Family Health Survey: 2005-06<br /> <br /> November, 2011<br /> <br /> This fact sheet presents child nutrition status, infant and young child feeding practices and child health indicators of urban poor children in India compared with other population groups based on analysis of the third analysis of the Third National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3) conducted in 2005-06. NFHS-3 used a wealth index based on 33 assets and household characteristics to classify population into different economic groups. For developing this fact sheet, NFHS-3 data for urban sample was disaggregated into wealth index quartiles. The bottom quartile was taken as representative of the urban poor. The other three quartiles were clubbed and considered urban non-poor<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> One-quarter of urban population of India lives in poverty conditions, according to recent estimates of Planning Commission of India. The health and nutrition status of urban poor is considerably worse off than the non-poor in urban areas. Children born in urban poor communities get a disadvantaged start due to maternal undernutrition. Poor household feeding and care practices, overcrowded unhygienic living conditions and poor access to basic services aggravate the problem of undernutrition in these children. Undernutrition leads to increased morbidity, mortality and impaired physical growth and mental development in children.

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