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Urban Health Resource Centre (UHRC) is a non-profit Indian organization which aims to address health issues of the urban poor through a consultative and knowledge-sharing approach in partnership with government and civil society. UHRC evolved as an independent organization from the USAID-funded Environmenal Health Project (EHP) in India. UHRC aims to develop, promote and test urban slum approaches to neonatal survival, diarrhea prevention and other child health priorities through behavior change and community actions; provide technical assistance to slum-based NGOs/CBOs and to Municipal Corporations to improve health-related service delivery and community linkages. An important facet of UHRC's work is also to provide assistance to the central and state governments on developing policies and programs that are sensitive to the emerging health needs of the urban poor. Complementing program development and technical assistance activities, is the generation of information that describe the health conditions of the urban poor, and making available information to a variety of stakeholders to influence policy making and increase allocation of resources to improve the health of the urban poor.
UHRC Library

UHRC Library is an evolving collection of information material on urban health and related topics. Library collection include books, journals, CDROMs and other materials. Library is also the repository for UHRC's reports and publications. Anyone interested can visit the library from 10am to 5pm on weekdays. Please mail to library@uhrc.in or call +91-11-41010920 (ext.245) to fix an appointment.

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